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The Committee of 100 in Finland is a pasifist, anti-militarist, politically and religiously non-aligned peace organisation, founded in 1963. The main goals of the Committee of 100 are disarmament, abolishment of universal conscription, and demilitarisation of society. In the age of globalisation, Finland should be active in promoting peace, disarmament, and human rights, and oppose all violence. To achieve these goals we organise public discussions and demonstrations, publish books, magazines, and online publications, and promote peace education.

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The Principles of the Committee of 100 in Finland

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Through Sadankomitea’s mailing list you can hear more about the upcoming events. You can join the list by emailing us at


The national office is located in Rauhanasema in Helsinki. Check the information below for contacting us. You can also come and visit us. We are normally at the office from 10am to 5pm on weekdays except if we are at meetings or events elsewhere. If you want to make sure that we are present when you come call us beforehand. During the summer and other holiday periods were more rarely at the office but rather at festivals and other events and the chance to reach us is by email.

Suomen Sadankomitea ry
Veturitori 3
00520 Helsinki

VAT Identification number: 0222651-3
Account number: FI59 5541 2820 0003 06

Secretary General Anni Lahtinen
phone +358 40 583 1142

Association Coordinator Minna Vähäsalo
phone +358 40 167 9660

Board members:

Timo Mielonen, Chair

Johanna Kelhu, Vice Chair

Other members of the board are:
Eveliina Heinäluoma
Kalle-Pekka Hietala
Hilkka Lahtinen-Ojala
Nora Luoma
Tanja Vaari
Nora Westerlund
Eekku Aromaa
Lotta Kivinen
Kai Koskimies